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Visit NBA Draft Lottery Room


You will be taken behind the scenes into the NBA Draft Lottery room, the ultra-private space where the actual Draft Lottery order is determined before the live TV broadcast. Go where no fan has been before and hear from the NBA Executives behind the Lottery process.

*Business casual dress required

NBA Draft Lottery Reception


This private, high-end affair will be attended by NBA coaches, scouts, draftees, League personnel, and other dignitaries before the NBA Draft Lottery telecast takes place.

*Business casual dress required

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Ticket to NBA Draft Lottery

Tuesday, May 16th
Reserved Seat

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1-Month NBA League Pass Subscription

Stream live games for all teams (blackout restrictions apply) through the NBA's official app. Code can be redeemed at any time within 12 months of purchase.

NBA Draft Lottery Gift

Receive an exclusive giftbag from NBA Experiences.

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